Treatments available are :

  • Extractions (removal of tooth )


  • Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth

    – Sometimes teeth can be more complicated to extract due to the position, shape or the condition of the tooth.

  • Wisdom Teeth 02

    -Wisdom teeth (the teeth at the very back of the mouth) can be particularly difficult.
    Using the latest digital x-rays the complexity of the extraction can be assessed and treated accordingly.

  • Apicectomy (removal of root tip)
    -An apicectomy is a surgical technique carried out under local anaesthetic that can be used to remove part of an infected root below the level of the gum enabling the lifespan of the tooth to be increased.


  • Placement of the avulsed tooth (tooth that have come out due to accident)
  • Removal of unwanted frenal attachment.
  • Preprosthetic surgery (preparation of the mouth for dentures)
  • Alveoloplasty (preparation of the mouth for dentures)
  • Removal of flabby ridges(preparation of the mouth for dentures)
  • Treatment for facial infections (pain and swelling in face, neck or jaws)
  • Biopsy

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